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Top Films of 2022

  Get comfy, grab some popcorn and let’s conclude my favourites of 2022, with films. Much like music, books and TV, I spent a fair bit of last year watching films. Now, much like anything I’ll talk about on this blog, I’ll preface this and say I’m by no means an expert. I have no clue about angles used in certain shots, or why X director decided one of the male leads shouldn’t wear a shirt (looking at you The Twilight Saga!), but something I do know is that I love film. I think films feel nostalgic for me, as I love to watch movies with my family and some of my earliest and most cherished memories are going to the (now closed) cinema with friends to watch a (not necessarily good) film and experience our first taste of being a little bit ‘grown up’. Anyway, before I go a bit too sentimental, let’s get into it. Here are the 5 films which make up my ‘Top Films of 2022’. i want you back  (Prime video)  It wouldn’t be my list without a rom-com, would it? I might be perpetually single but th
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Top TV of 2022

  From apple tv to channel 4, the streaming services gifted us a wealth of brilliant telly last year.. So much so (as seems to be the theme of my posts looking back on last year) I had to limit my list down, narrowing it down to four great shows. No matter what seems to be going on in my life, I always seem to find the time to sit down and watch TV. As much as I (and my waistline!) would love a more active past time, there’s nothing I love more than unwinding with a hot chocolate in front of the telly. It’s truly amazing how shows can take you away from your life and your troubles and grab your attention fully..even just for 30 minutes. This is by no means the full list of TV shows I watched and loved last year but these are all shows that got me thinking, got me a little bit emotional and had me hooked from the offset. Everything i know about love (BBC IPLAYer/Hulu) If you’ve followed the previous version of this blog, or happen to follow me on social media, you’ll have figured out at

Top Reads of 2022

From new and upcoming releases to books i finally got around to reading, here are the six books which make up my ‘top reads of 2022’. Featuring books by rebecca serle, olivia potts and more!  Here we go, one of my favourite posts of the year: my Top reads of 2022. As a nosey person, there’s nothing I love more than scrolling through people’s posts about their best reads of the year gone by (though sharing my own favourites is a close second!). While it doesn’t help my ever growing pile of books to read, there’s something lovely about reading people’s thoughts on certain books and celebrating the people who wrote them. I had hoped to get this post to you sooner but, with the excitement of Christmas and the less exciting prospect of pushing myself through January (nearly at the end - thankfully!), it’s been on the back burner ( Ed - it actually has lots to do with me struggling to pick my favourite reads! ). 2022 was a great reading year for me. I set myself the challenge to read 50 book

Top Albums of 2022: Part Two

  HERE IS THE second PART OF MY ‘top ALBUMS OF 2022’. FEATURING foals, maggie rogers AND MORE! As promised, here is the second part of my ‘Top Albums of 2022’ (you can catch up on the Part One here ). Admittedly, the last few months of 2022 didn’t produce as many stand out albums as I perhaps thought it would so picking my favourites was a bit trickier. Saying that, here are the 7 releases which complete my ‘Top Albums of 2022’ list, with release  dates from June to October.

Top Albums of 2022: Part One

Here is the first part of my ‘top albums of 2022’. Featuring spector, miles kane and more! After the pandemic delayed the release of eagerly awaited songs and albums for many artists, 2022 proved to be the year the music industry got firmly back on its feet. So many new releases found their way into our ears (and onto our playlists) last year that I couldn’t possibly fit them into one post - believe me, I tried! After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to seventeen (yes seventeen! ) releases that I couldn’t stop listening to last year (and will probably continue to listen to this year - sorry neighbours!). So, let’s get into it! Here are the first 10 releases that have wormed their way on to my ‘Top Albums of 2022’, with release dates from January to May 2022.